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Am I missing something here?

I thought this "Shell Management" poster was doing that "irony" thing, that his or her or its posts were not meant to be taken totally, 100% seriously, that they were just a wind-up and a parody of standard Shell BS. Are they really mean to be serious, then?

Is that Scottish dwarf back? I thought he had been retired after that big to-do about his hobbies and all but has he now been made some sort of senior Shell aviation advisor?

This is the guy, when I mentioned the unwisdom of dirty great ditches cutting across the ramp at Osubi, who told me that there were paint stripes on the ramp clearly indicating that one was not meant to taxi into them so that was me told. Next thing you know, an MI-34 plops itself in there to beat itself to death and finish by sending a main rotor blade clear over the terminal building into the parking lot. Allegedly. Anyway, then they covered the ditches, once it was too late.

I am not a helo pilot but I still think that big skids beat little wheels when you are facing a forced landing someplace swampy. On the other hand, do French companies pay better incentives than American ones when you sign on that dotted line? Just asking...
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