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If you have an alleged business integrity issue remember to call the hotline.
I have already called it to make a specific complaint about the unethical behaviour of 2 particular Smell Aviation Advisors presently in Nigeria who have been openly trying to persuade a number of Bristow pilots to stay on and work for Caverscam because they are worried about who may be left and the level of experience of those coming in. I don't know if I'll have a job in a few months, but I do know about business ethics and I think the behaviour of these people should be brought to the attention of Shell. Knowing Shell, I don't expect any action as the result of my call

The Blood of Saro Wiwa will permanently stain the name of Shell

Saro Wiwa Allegations are Untrue

Shell Agrees to Pay $15.5 million over Saro Wiwa Killing

VXP wasn't accepted by Shell, which was why Bristow fitted IHUMS to its S76C+ aircraft on contract to Shell, but it seems they accept EVXP.

I may be wrong but I don't think any of the helicopters operating for Total, Agip, Addax, Exxon and Chevron are equipped with HUMS. The S76s have VXP or EVXP. The EC225 of course is just based on the AS 332L2, which is just an upgraded version of the original 1974 design AS 332L. The EC155 was originally designated the AS365N4 and is a development of the SA365N3, based on the original 1979 SA365N. The EC155 has been so unsuccessful, it's operated in very few places in comparison with the S76C+ and C++. Its payload is no better than that of the much cheaper As365N3.

You will recall that the 9 aircraft Bristow have been flying will be replaced by first 8 EC155s and then finally just 7 AW139s
That also is not quite the whole truth is it? Bristow was flying 6 EC155Bs, owned by Shell and will continue to do so until the end of September. Until 3 weeks ago, they were also flying 3 S76C+s, until one of them was taken off contract by Shell, leaving 2 which will finish their contract next week. Smell was planning on bringing in 3 ConDapter EC155B1s, 2 to start next week and one to start in mid-July. They've made such a bollox of that, they've now taken on 2 Aero S76C+s for 3 months - and my guess is that it's Shell who'll be paying for that. Despite only initially receiving a verbal notification of the S76 contract finishing, Bristow has quickly managed to find alternative work for those helicopters. The original contract was to have been for 8 AW139s but that has now been reduced to 7 has it -presumably because of Smell downsizing?.

Bristow in not doing the honourable thing
The only dishonourable thing I am aware of is the behaviour of certain Shell Aircraft personnel.
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