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Firstly all credible oil & gas operators fitted some form of "IHUMS" a long time ago to meet the world recognised Shell standards so you must be mistaken (I'm sure ACN aircraft have the Shell approved VXP at very least as HUMS is a clear part of every Shell Aircraft audit checklist).

Secondly, FLEXIBILITY! Its the word that makes the HRO heros at Shell Aircraft the masters of the aviation universe. If you read my message on the S-76 you would know that different rules apply within Shell for short term contracts (which any work with ACN of course would be, pending the launch of Caverton's full world class Shell appproved capability).

This flexibility is especially important in the face of the intense disloyalty of Bristow in not doing the honourable thing and continuing with their contract until Dancopter's EC155B1s were imported. You would think that those snivelling s1its in Bristow management could have been flexible and managed a few weeks more serving Shell, rather than just moving their well equipped S-76Cs to work for Agip.

Luckily the Shell advisory team do know how to be flexible and work around such a shoddy, non-customer focused attitude from such a failing third rate operator as Bristow.

Bring on Caverton, saviours of the Nigerian helicopter industry, is all I say.

If you have an alleged business integrity issue remember to call the hotline.
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