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Shell Aircraft Person .... I don't understand this. DonCapter's helicopters won't be here and completely ready to take over from Bristow on 1 July. Oh dear, if only I could have removed my head from the sand sooner and seen that this would happen. I mean, Caverscam is one of the major providers of helicopter services. It says so on their website. They have the highest degree of flexibility and the safest, most experienced flight and maintenance crews available. They pride themselves on providing safe and reliable services. Their extensive fleet enables them to use the most appropriate aircraft for the task. They have an enormous infrastructure and vast experience. Mandy and I checked out everything before we recommended them. Oh woe is me .... what am I going to do? What's all this sand doing in my hair? Oh woe, oh woe etc.,... etc.,..... etc.,......

Aero Marketing Person ... Don't worry boyo, we've got a couple of S76s down the valleys we can probably get ready for you and at a very special price just for you. When do you need them? Any special requirements? We can do lamb sandwiches at check in, but the mint sauce may be a bit difficult.

SAP ... No, don't worry about the lamb, have you got high back seats, IHUMS, MARMS and wellies for the rainy season?

AMP ... Well boyo, the wellies won't be a problem as long as you don't mind yellow and we can stick some plywood on the seat backs, but whats this humming and harming stuff?

SAP ... don't worry about the humming and harming, as long as you can give us the helicopters for a couple of months that'll get Snotterdam off my back.

AMP ... who said anything about give boyo? You can rent them for $60,000 a day and I'll throw in the wellies and the lamb sandwiches as a gesture of goodwill.

SAP ... there's lovely then, a bargain and we'll take them from 1 July.

AMP .... 'thinks' - sucker

SAP ... 'thinks' - brilliant, that's got over the first minor problem then and Snotterdam will be so happy . I think I'll go down the pub now
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