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Seems strange that both BD and EZY have had problems with
finding the right system for their complicated flying programmes.
The current AIMS system does not have a useful "pairings optimser" whereas Carmen does. AIMS is an industry leader but its pairings tool is quiet labour intensive compared to Carmen or even perhaps RM Rocade.
Also at the end of the day you have to consider other practicalities
such as crew shortages,overall, within each rank, and at specific bases. In addition pairings that get delayed week in week out
need to be split etc. Its no use churning out all the pairings without the crews to operate them at the right place and time.
In my experience a lot of the systems in use are eventually guided
by the user towards the pairings that are operationally acceptable, not just what can be achieved in theory on the system used.

A better and more cost effective remedy would be a 5 day a week trip planner, someone with high Crewing and Scheduling experience.Rest assured the results would come out the same
as the expensive toy!

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