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Extra 500 - why so rare?

I read on AvWeb that the Extra 500 is closing in on its FAA certification and that Extra is gearing up for a major push in the US market. The 500 has had its EASA certification for some time.

But the weird thing is how few, if any, of these aircraft you see around. Not that I expect to see them at my local airfield, but at least in videos online or at shows. All I keep seeing is the one factory demo and that's about it. Very little online about them.

Maybe my taste is weird, but I happen to think that the Extra 500 is one of the most gorgeous aircrafts ever made. I love that high wing sleekness - it looks like a bush plane and a business jet all rolled into one. Rugged. I'd much rather have that than a TBM850, if I had that kind of money. Which, incidentally, when it comes to turboprops - isn't that much: 1 million. That's a lot less than an 850. Granted, it can't fly as fast as the 850, but it burns only 19gph! That's just marginally more than a high performance piston, and in an real term money spent, probably less (as Jet A1 costs less).

So, why so rare? Cheap, certified, roomy, luxurious, 1600nm range etc - what's not to like?

(BTW, that's Walter Extra himself flying it in these pictures).

I wish them the best of luck in the US and hope they sell tons of 'em. Read more at:

Extra Aircraft
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