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You mentioned that Carmen was introduced to make the life of the rosterers easier....what all 8 of them? Are you seriously suggesting that over 1000 crew have been knarcked off because 8 rosterers did not like the computer programme they had? It really does beggar belief.

And as for your codswallop that it was not a cost cutting measure, .....we all recieved a letter telling us how much money it was supposed to save. I am all for cutting costs to make the business lean,please do not misunderstand me.

Yesterday, a scottish based cabin crew positioned LTN to operate a LTN service with me and then nightstopped in a hotel at LTN before positioning back to GLA today. So exactly how do you think we are saving on HOTAC? This is going on daily.

And correct me if I am wrong, but has not this wonderful system managed to cancel the night Athens due to insufficient crew?Exactly how much is this money saving idea costing us?

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