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I had my assessment day earlier today [22/06]. Phew!

It was a extremely long day, as I had to start at 8 AM and did not have a shot at the job interview until about 3.15 PM, by which time I was physically and mentally drained out having been sitting at the same spot for over almost 6 hours.

The psychological and the job interview were almost pretty similar, but they have very different ways to follow up your answers with further questions. I found them both to be very daunting and the job interview in particular wasn't a very enjoyable experience for me. I went in aware that my lack of leadership experience and my complete lack of any flying time in a cockpit would be held against me and that was the case, though I tried to explain the circumstances to them and I think thatís fair enough. Towards the end, it dint look like I was to be recommended. The feedback started off with the lack of the above mentioned experiences and my speed of speech was also brought up [I spoke too fast - account a little bit towards nervousness], since I come from an Asian background [my schooling was completed four years ago in India]. At this point I was completely shaken and almost lost it, when I heard "since the information was very well researched, and though there are negative points, there is just about enough positives for a recommendation, though just marginally".

So, at the end of it all I came out feeling like I have lost something rather than a feeling of having succeeded at the interviews. This is because, from the posts so far, I understand that the interview scores have the highest influence over the FSP selection. However, I would like to hear from others on what they think my chances at the FSP are? Besides, I wasnít classified as medical 1. I received a 3R pending a few reports from physicians which I hope shouldnít be much of an issue. The doctor present also informed me that there is a compulsory dental and eye appointment that has to be done for all aircrew applicants. When is this to be done i.e. is this post FSP? And once again my case of residency was brought up, and even though DFR did the same earlier and was told later on that I was cleared for the recruitment process, the interviewer mentioned me having to wait till I received my citizenship for an FSP date. Once again I am unsure whatís going to be the situation here.

I would like to sincerely thank every member who contributed to the thread and every person who PM'ed me with answers to my questions. I derived enormous support off them all and donít think I would have been able to get this far without it. I hope to be able to go on and prove to everyone that I have got the right attitude and motivation to get the job done. Please PM anytime.
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