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Helicopter Test and Evaluation, a Qinetiq sponsered book by Alistair K. Cooke & Eric WH Fitzpatrick.

Written by an ETPS flight test engineer and test pilot, with 25 yrs combined experience.

This book is aimed at helicopter test professionals, and in particular offers guidance on the thought processes involved and methods of approach to helicopter flight testing.
Saying that, it is definitely of use to others in the rotorcraft world who are looking for explanations as to why certain systems are designed the way they are and the limitations imposed on them.

The book is in four main sections:
An introduction to methods and aspects of test programmes.
Flight performance, including planning and data gathering.
Handling qualities, stability and control testing.
Systems, their assessment and failure testing.

Throughout, the theory of each topic is briefly explained and then followed up with practical details. These include safety, planning and the most efficient way to conduct the test. Where appropriate, typical test results are shown and explained. Where calculations are made to support these test results, the ‘example’ aircraft is loosely based on the Westland Lynx.

I have used this book as a reference for studies and work many times and have found it invaluable for in depth explanations of such subjects as rotor dynamics, engine governing and AFCS. Very much a book of not only how, but also why.

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