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>>I have noticed is that the rushing and the pressure is actually done by the pilots. Not the roster. If you just do your own thing at your normal pace and schedule be damned, then they will adjust the schedule to allow more time and thus reduce the delays. <<

Gentlemen, I believe what we are talking about here is 'pereived pressure. Whatever memo's and directives come from the airline management there are still those conventions that come with the culture of the airline. If the ethos is fast turnounds and r'ush rush rush' than that will have a bearing on how the operation is conducted. Of course, If the management perceive this to have a bearing on safety then they are duty bound to act. In the case of some low cost carriers they perhaps don't do this. That is all that is needed to perpetuate the bad 'hurry' culture. Of course, there will be the individual Captain who doesn't subscribe to the ethos and slows down to abide by the letter of the law. He will doubtless be noticed by the Fleet management.

Before I retired I parked my jet alongside a B737 from a low cost carrier. We were on a fairly pressurised 40 minute turnround. I did a full walkround inspection AND security inspection. The low cost B737 arrived and departed within our turnround. As far as I could see neither pilot nor engineer did an external check which I thought quite appaling.

They could have missed a bird in the engine, a nail in a tyre or a suspect package in a hatch.
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