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Haven't used a steel line in about 10yrs, we use the kevlar/spectra lines, nice and light, easy to coil up and can chug around all day at 100kts with empty hook And supposedly, not meant to come back at you like a big bungee if anything down below lets go. I do question that claim though, as I had a load let go through the choker snapping once and was pretty sure looking in the mirror when it let go that line was definately on its way up to meet me, as I punched it off. After I landed we discovered marks on the tailboom imprinted in the soot that looked remarkably like the pattern on the line All the customer was worried bout was his shack that had let go, wanted to know what shape it was in, well after a 800ft freefall, it didn;t take a rocket scientist to figure it was in the same shape as my underwear......pretty much f##ked..............
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