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The wheels have fallen off

I love this statement Ė
As an aside he said "GA represents a "huge" risk to aviation safety security.

Interesting how the focus within CASA when it comes to safety oversight is larger passenger operations in the big playground. They donít look at cargo operators (some very large aircraft shooting around Australia on a daily and nightly basis). They donít look at cabin crew issues Ė only 2 Inspectors for all of Australia ( less than any other regulated country), minimal attention to dangerous goods( a mere 3 Inspectors for all of Australia which is less than any other regulated country), they donít look at the larger GA type aircraft in use, they donít look at the escalation in ground operations incidents and accidents and CASA donít comply with FAA or ICAO findings until at least 2 years later when the hammer is about to fall on them ! This is managed by an inept board of buearacrats with plenty of public service experience but next to no experience in aviation. In fact board member Allan Hawke just copped a caning for performing 30 days work with a bill of 175k in another public service area. What does that tell the smart people out there in aviation land?? And this comes atop of an organization preaching risk based oversight and claiming GA is at the bottom of the risk pile! Certainly seems like the Minister and Fort Fumble are operating on different wave lengths. Now that is what I would define as being aviation risk.
Frank, as for your question Has anybody asked what planet this "Minister" comes from? It is quite obvious that Albanese is just another politician in charge of a portfolio that he has no understanding of. So I guess yes, he is guilty of that, but then again, arenít they all?? But Planet Uranus is the likely answer to your question.

Hugh Jarse Ė
I can't think of anything that rhymes with Albanese, except "I'm a sleazy
Try rhyming Albanese with Swiss cheese, because the holes have been lining up for some time now, it is only a matter of time.

The Chaser Ė
This will result in the aviation fuel excise rate increasing from 2.854 cents per litre to 3.556 cents per litre, an increase of 0.702 cents per litre
Within this funding strategy, additional revenue of $89.9m is forecast to be generated by the increase in the aviation fuel excise rate over the budget and three forward estimate years, based upon projected volumes of collection. CASA will use this additional revenue to fund 97 permanent positions for safety specialists, safety analysts and airworthiness inspectors and other staff, allowing CASA to expand its surveillance activities and fulfill its increasingly complex regulatory responsibilities
Interesting statement. Safety Specialists you say?? My source tells me most have left CASA now, mass departure over the past 12 months for greener pastures, and another one leaves next week. As for analysts, my source tells me that it is pretty much kiddies and non industry people conducting these tasks and that the lights are on but nobodyís home. They spend their days running around asking knowledgeable people how to manage AOC`s and COA`s and are too scared to make decisions. As for more airworthiness inspectors this will be interesting Ė more 60+ retirees looking to make an easy buck for 3 years before retiring, wonderful addition to the inspectorate ranks that will be.
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