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Greetings PPRuNers,

Due to of another spate of misdirected posts needing deletion we regrettably must again remind you that the 'Airlines, Airports and Routes' forum isn't the spotters forum. If you ever find yourself tempted to type in a registration number or discuss aircraft livery it is extremely likely that you are making or responding to a spotter post.

Neither is this forum interested in aircraft seating configuration, in flight entertainment, or which aircraft type is flying a particular route except as a component of a discussion of the business of the airline. The Passenger Forum might be.

Last but certainly not least, PPRuNe is NOT your airline/ticket agent customer service! If you have a question about the ticket you paid for ASK THEM. These include but are not limited to questions regarding the aircraft type, seating, inflight goodies, and luggage.

What possible sense does it make to ask those questions in an annonymous web forum instead of asking the people who you paid to be responsible for providing you that information?

And if they can't or won't provide you that information.... why did you buy the ticket?

The Mods

P.S. We are aware that it is normally 'newbees' that ask these questions but it is generally experienced PPRuNers who answer them. Please don't encourage them.
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