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The problem is that its all about timing, and a little about where you train. To deal with the last point first, any integrated FTO that has a real link to a recruiting airline is going to place you more quickly that if you work on your own, but that advantage does have to be tempered against the significant extra cost of integrated training and moderated with the knowledge that, in good times, that advantage is not great.

There are few real links between UK based FTOs and airlines, and many of them such as the flybe scheme only deal in small numbers. The only significant one that I know of is the link between CTC and Easyjet and, say what you like about contract terms, CTC have consistently placed large numbers of cadets with the airline throughout this recession.

We're at an interesting point now where recruiting is starting to take off, although it is not much mentioned on PPRuNe. As an example, Emirates have stated they need 250 pilots this year and 500 next year. BA have also expressed a need for several hundred pilots. Easyjet are currently pretty short of crews because they have restricted recruiting in the recession, they are even planning to wet lease aircraft in this summer. Their HR dept has allegedly received 300 odd reference requests from Emirates in the last couple of months, mostly relating to applications from Easy senior FOs.

So what's going to happen here? Unless there's a double dip recession the Easy pilots that have been messed around by HR, including those on the poor contracts that aren't bonded, are going to leg it to the likes of Emirates and BA and therefore Easy are going to find themselves in a hole by the late summer. They will no longer be able to recruit on the current ridiculous contract terms and concepts like 'flexi-crew' are going to disappear very quickly. CTC are well placed as their 'preferred supplier' but may be unable to satisfy the demand and Easy will probably also take candidates from other FTOs, both integrated and modular.

So yes, I think that integrated with CTC may be a good choice right now, although I'd find it hard to justify an integrated course elsewhere. Clearly starting an integrated course two years ago was a bad decision and yes, the posters on PPRuNe did say so at the time. The big advantage of modular training, apart from the overall cost, is that you can stay working while you train. The cash disappears very quickly when you give up work.

As a side-note, I met an Easyjet captain last week that was one of the first JAR candidates at Cabair. He walked straight into a job with Go, then of course Go was taken over by Easy, and he made command in four years.


I will now stand back and wait for WWW's opinion!
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