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Oh, dear, here we go again.

Guiones, the advice I give to most people who are tempted to think I contradict myself is that it is most likely to be a clear indication to themselves that they have misunderstood.

In your case, you have misunderstood the concept "contradiction" as well as what I said. Let me explain.

First, in a very simple case, two assertions A and B are contradictory if their conjunction is logically guaranteed to be false.

In the two sentences you quote, there is only one assertion, not two. The first sentence contains a question, not an assertion. It was a question to you, indeed one which I believe you have not answered. When you give an answer, if it contradicts the second sentence (my assertion), then I will be contradicting you, not contradicting myself.

Enough of trivial explanations of logic, back to aero.

So, answer the question: say what you think those flight tests did. Then I'll see if I can find out what they did, and get back to you. It might take me a while.

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