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Seriph you are starting to bore me; yes the AP is a good tool to use for reducing workload, but in many conditions the AP stinks.

Ever in your 16000 hours flew an automated approach with too much crosswind (say 40 knots) and saw what happened?
Ever seen a 320-AP shoot 150ft through its level, because of the builtin passanger comfort?
I don't need to be in the DC3-era to see things like that happen, and I'm glad I'm there to take over from my autopilot when it just doesn't do what it is supposed to do, or to be able to take over when the conditions met are not what designers thought off on beforehand.

I go with Lodestar, 50% automated, 50% manual suits me fine.

Besides... the remark about the airbus chiefpilot who died while flying automated may be pretty macabre, but the case shows perfectly well, that if you encounter circumstances not before thought of at the design-table, the autopilot will not be able to handle it and then you should be.

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