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this, naturally, will depend on wing section variations and whether all or part of the wing is stalled.
- exactly the problem, John. Here we are all talking about 'stall' in different ways, from light buffet/stick shake through to fully stalled. I refer, as I said, to fully stalled.

Fully stalled and aileron will be a disaster, as will allowing the ensuing yaw to the dropped wing. Using aileron to pick up a stalled 737 wing at 80kts will simply make the wing drop faster.

At stick shake it should be fine

Some of our 'recent' low speed/extreme pitch accidents and near accidents will have been fully stalled, I suggest?

As expressed in posts #12 and #13, "Approach to stall recovery techniques are irrelevant to actual stall recovery". Full stall recovery has long been ignored in airline flying - largely because the training (rightly) is to avoid such. Sadly that seems to have failed.
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