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great opinions everywhere and also experience of other aircraft,.. what i am currently flying is an md80. as where we have st.shaker and st.pusher.
where the shaker kicks is, you're approaching the stall, and the pusher kicks in where the wings stall.
also when i mentioned lift improvement devices,, that also 'slats' not flaps. these have certains speed limitations aswell, which i guess at the point of stall the current ias/mach will be below the flaps limitations, didnt double check that very accuratly in the sim, but at altitude, the simulator recreated a full stall between 160/170 KIAS (mach: didnt notice)

but i mean, it's awful,... you will get so many warnings b4 a stall, and still it happens.
my main reason for this thread.
what i could see in the simulator... the md88 (md80 series) will give you these warnings:
-airspeed drop (obvious)
-210KIAS -> Landing gear aural warning
-210KIAS -> Langing gear 3 red lights
-FMA-> Low SPD
-<200KIAS Buffeting starts very subtile, but noticeable and ever increasing
-stick shaker
-stick pusher

our demonstration we being conducted at FL370 (max md80) with AT off, clean config.

1.recovery at st.shaker keeping AP ON and firewall throttles took about 40seconds, 4000' alt loss

2.recovery at st.shaker w AP OFF trying to maintain ALT with throttles to firewall took also 40seconds, 2000' alt loss

3. recovery at st.shaker w AP OFF deliberately lowering nose to horizon immediately and THROTTLE REMAIN IDLE took 4seconds, alt loss was +/- 2000'

4. recovery at st.shaker w AP OFF, lowering nose to horizon Throttle to firewall took also 4 seconds, and alt loss was >1000'

all in all a great eye opener. we knew that the sim couldn't simulate a complete stall accurately but, for training purposes this was a very very great test ! ( i'm <1yr on jet)

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