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I made my point, you made yours! Ungracious? At the last Odiham Christmas Ball I sought out those who came in many times to pick-up my dead, dying and wounded soldiers to offer my personal thanks. Were you there? Feel free to PM me if you wish to make more personal assumptions and I'll reply to you personally.
I said ungracious, not ungrateful! No need for you to explain the thanks that you gave at the Christmas ball. I said ungracious for the way in which you appeared to dis the incident, and if you read your post to which I refer, at no point do you refer that you are saying the media has done no favours to Ian, as you did in your post above, you imply it is the system,- the military awards system.

As it happens I was not at the Odiham Christmas Ball this year (if that is what you mean), though I have been to many many over the years, perhaps we will meet at the next one. I was not aware that I had made any personal assumptions in my post.

Your 'sober response' is much clearer than those that by logic must not have been sober ones.

With continued thanks to the troops on the ground.

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