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You sure dont talk like a trainer who's been flying 37 years.Most good trainers emphasize raw data and handling skills.Pilots who spend too much time on automation(not crusie) can become detached from the aircraft they are operating.eg,L1011 crash in the Everglades.Both pilots watched that A/P take them into the swamp...No disrespect to the crew..they fell into a trap that would fool most..misunderstanding of CWS and A/P mode annunciations.
You must surely know there are maneuvers that must be flown by the pilot...Windshear/TCAS/GPWS escape maneuvers.Visual approaches are to be flown manually.
I strongly suspect you fly Airbus...then dont forget that their chief pilot died with the A/P engaged.
A/P is a tool..a good tool.Use it as such.
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