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Duncan forgot to add...

Many of you probably donít realise this but the last few months have really been ground breaking and historically important. We have already mounted one of the longest strikes in aviation history and we have taken on one of the largest, most ruthless, nastiest blue chip companies ever to darken this countriesí social fabric and we are still standing strong, preparing for more.
Look what we have achieved in this Fight:
  • We have alienated the public and our fellow BA employees.
  • We have damaged the long term prospects of our employer which will adversely affect our future pay and conditions.
  • We failed to ground the airline.
  • The CSD's still have to work a bit harder.
  • The next BA offer was worse that just having the CSD work a bit harder.
  • The current BA offer is worse than that still.
  • We have lost Staff travel
  • We have lost weeks of salary and flying allowances.
  • By threatening further action we are putting BA into the position were they will likely have no option other than to dismiss us.
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