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Someone posted an excellent post here, many many posts ago, on Cult behaviour....

You will never, ever, convince the hardcore Bassamentalists or change their views, no matter how logical, fact, true or expert your opinions are. The cult has told them what to beleive. So, dont even bother and waste the energy. Fortunately, some of the led lemmings are starting to think for themselves....

But, the fundamental problem was created through years and years of weak BA management, possibly, in the bad directionless old days, BASSA felt they had to take charge of IFCE with such weak mangement.....?

Now, there is a strong CEO who wants control of his company back......but BASSA got drunk on that previous, arguably, necessary power? Their big mistake is failing to yield to someone who, at last, they can hand over the reins to and pass the company back into compentant hands?

So there is no polarity in blame....

A bit of a devils advocate post......
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