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Right, before I start my last – for now – blog from Bedfont, it is best to warn you that I have had a drink or two. The atmosphere there was so fantastic, to be honest it was impossible not to linger and share a pint and bathe in all the warmth, camaraderie and shear emotion. Today saw the biggest crew room party of all time – we reckon, and this is not exaggeration, that at least 20% of the total BA crew population were at Bedfont today. The turnout was simply overwhelming and the march along the Bath Rd to Waterside was something that will go down in folklore. Pity the poor stewardess, who in her excitement, walked into a lamp post and ended up nursing the biggest black eye I have ever seen. Hard luck Ali – I hope your husband believes you!

Before I forget or the drink catches up with me, I have got to mention 4 crew who were there today who live in Edinburgh. They caught the 06:30 flight down to LGW, then bussed to Bedfont before standing on a picket line for 4 hours; they then bussed back to LGW to catch the late afternoon flight back to EDI. Why? They had heard so much about the Bedfont buzz they had to come see for themselves and they were so pleased they had – the only downside was they had paid full fare on BA. Their actions shame the Sausage Chips And BeanS.

And incredibly it seems you all have more stamina than the SWP, either that or they have given you up as a lost cause because they have not been seen at Bedfont for 2 days. Perhaps they are mobilising again at ACAS. Tony won’t be happy.

I have been asked to mention the two nuns who were waving vigorously as the open top bus did its circuit – they obviously have no time for Wee Willy either!

Also thank you for the yesterday’s whip round for Mr Dillon, the samosas man organised by Andrea. I have, thanks to your kind donations, 8 bottles of top quality scotch to give him which should just about last him until the next strike.

Lenny’s speech went down a bomb as did his pink shirt – and thanks to Ken Livingstone and John McDonnell for taking the trouble to visit.

While on the subject of pink – that was some display of solidarity. It is incredibly uplifting to see all the straight lads (and lasses) rallying to the cause and, if there is a broader “church” than the BASSA membership then I am unaware of it. I think that it is this diversity that is so remarkable – young old, straight gay, British foreign, you name it crew come in all colours, shapes and sizes (cue references to the Bedfont burger bulge) and yet today it was if we were all one. Don’t want to come over all spiritual or evangelical- especially when I have had a few – but I really mean it when I say how proud I felt tonight as Louise and I headed home to try and find our feral kids. Thanks for all your support. I would have looked a bit stupid standing in the burger queue by myself.

So the season has finally ended for Bedfont FC – it is time for the summer break - with matches again scheduled to start at the beginning of August. It is true we did not win the League, nor were we promoted but there again, neither have we been relegated! We live to fight another season and if we can persuade some new players to join our team in the summer perhaps we can push Bedfont to the top of the table.

Many of you probably don’t realise this but the last few months have really been ground breaking and historically important. We have already mounted one of the longest strikes in aviation history and we have taken on one of the largest, most ruthless, nastiest blue chip companies ever to darken this countries’ social fabric and we are still standing strong, preparing for more. Many years from now you will look back on this summer and say “I am so glad and proud I did what I did”, I wonder if Willie Walsh will feel that same pride?

Tomorrow I have my first appeal against my sacking at Waterworld. I am not holding my breath as, all along, it has, imo been “pre-ordained”, but despite “squeezing tea-bags” for 34 years I feel no sorrow because the company I have left.
There is no mention of what happens next. What is happening about the next ballot? When will it be called, if ever, & on what subject will the CC be asked to vote?

It seems to me that Bassa are in total disarray, which is reinforced by the total silence from the usual Bassa contributors on the various forums.

I imagine that Mr Walsh will be sleeping very soundly tonight.

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