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There is a lot of talk about fear and bullying from both sides

Eddy in the staff only thread
Those being interviewed on Channel 4 who claim to live in a climate of fear and bullying, and then those like myself who see BA as a great place to work with some (in general) great people, enjoying great compensation and benefits.

I must be missing the bullying stuff somehow.....
On Saturday I was in London with some good friends and a few others, among them were two BA CC members, both non-strikers. One of them, for reasons known to herself and I, was careful: -
Not to reveal her PPRuNe name
Not to appear on any photos (except on her or my camera)

Yes she, to some degree, lives in fear, but is determined to carry on.

That is the effect of the BASSA "we're being bullied by BA" members
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