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I'm currently doing modular training and I can finance that through my job. It is all based on the thought that I can speed it up or slow it down whenever I want. At this point I'm still working on my PPL and I bought a share in a Diamond Katana, so hour building will be cheap for me.

A friend of mine is almost done with his integrated course and he is scared as hell. He has a dept of almost 140k (euro) and he is madly searching for possibility's to get a loan for another 30k for a TR. Its just insane.

When I am finished with my training in a year or 2-3 I will have no debt at all and it will cost me 1/3 of what my friend payed for his licence (exactly the same!!!!). I will be able to sleep at night and if there ever rises an opportunity to get a job I will have no problems at all to get a loan for an TR or if the market is still shit I can get a FI rating or just have fun flying the Katana around Europe and keep my current job.

Something about penny wise, pound...

ps: as you can see I am a long time reader, but this was my first post

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