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If the Federal Government started behaving in a way that you felt was impinging on your freedoms, do you really expect that the population would rise up and go to war with the government?
The simple answer to that is: "Hell Yes!"

The simple explanation is: "Because we have the capability to do so!"

The real Question is "At what point does the Federal Government get so oppressive that the People see the need to take up their arms against the Federal Government?".

There is a growing concern extant in this country that the current Regime is heading in that direction. We shall see an indicator of that come the November elections. Unless we as a People see there is no way to rein in the excesses of government by ordinary means....the ballot box, term limits, adequate enforcement of corruption laws and the like....we shall restrain ourselves to those avenues. Should ever we determine there is but one way to regain control of the government then Yes, you can well expect to see an uprising of the People.

I pray that situation never arises.

You have to remember we see the Government as being subservient to the People in this country and not the other way around. The Progressives tend to see it the other way but they are still in the Minority.

We came into being by doing that against an Oppressive Government all those years ago. We fought a bloody Civil War in the 1860's over State's Rights. Many of the same issues are rearing their heads again regard taxes and state's rights. Add in the shift towards Socialism being pushed by the current Regime and you can begin to see the threat of some concerted action by those opposed to the direction the country is headed in at this time.

It will be at the ballot box in November. Watch for those results and see if the tide turns?
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