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I'm English and have never had any experience of them,....
There is much talk from the Americans on this board about how owning guns ensures that they cannot be pushed around by central government. How true is this?
It's true. During the War GIs would comment on how tiny England was, and the Brits thought they were obnoxious. Fact is, they were just stating a reaction. England IS tiny. The US is HUGE, and it brings a huge breadth of vision.

I recall commenting that the manufacturer would not be able to swing a new aircraft out of the hangar because of the mountain at the back. "Son!" said the engineer, "We gonna move thet mountain", and they did.

So with guns. Look at the commotion a few religious fanatics can cause with a carful of fertilizer, and then think of the potential of 300 million armed in a huge country.

When people say they will do something, at least some of them mean it. Read "Mein Kampf". Lots of it makes good sense (benefits of education and exercise, for example) and then you come to the plans for the Poles and such. "Ah!", we think, "He can't really mean that!". Oh Yes, he did.

In my dull lawyerly practice I was in a Cadillac in one of the States. We stopped and some "minorities", shall be say, were cavorting around a bit, one might have said threatingly. Mine host put his hand below his seat and brought out a Luger,which he held out of sight until the lights changed.

Like Riviera, I wondered if he would have used it. Well, he would. I know that because I heard of an incident some months later in which he did. Took out three. I suspect that many of those with guns just talk big, but then ... do you want to make someone's day?
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