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There were several cases of the police accidents with pistols. None more tragic that the one where an officer rushed into a bedroom and shot a child in his bed.

I'm sure the officer never got over the horror of his mistake, but I thought at the time that the British police were having to change to a different culture rather too quickly.

So many American police officers will have grown up with guns. Many of the things our chaps had to learn were second nature to the US guys by the time they were knee high to John Wayne.

Several Firearms guys turned up at our local Essex club. They were excited about the things they'd learned in the Sates. They were excited about the kit they'd brought home with them . . . too excited sometimes, the repeated dropping of rounds from their quick-loaders was one clue. We waited while they cleaned the mud off the otherwise shiny bullets, then we showed them how to rapid fire into turning targets without shooting the mechanisms to pieces. It was all about the number of rounds down the range. Assuming a natural talent, classrooms and a few hundred rounds just wasn't going to cut it. The only good ones were already experienced club members, with multi-thousands of rounds a year experience.

I seemed to remember that Ford used to loan a house to the police. They'd run about in it making a lot of bangs. Fine, that's a start. But compare that to being on the streets from one's first days as a 'rookie' . . . well, you can't, can you. Just not the same world.

Perhaps the solution would be for more British guys to come here - not just for a few weeks secondment - but for a couple of years on dangerous streets. I have an idea they'd go back with some real experience under their belts, but I still don't know if they could impart that to their colleagues.
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