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That's a bit narrow minded, PA! A pump or semi-auto shotgun loaded with a decent defensive round will also ensure that the castle doctrine can be backed up. Just as long as what you have doesn't over-penetrate.
Well, there you go. The bloody Yank fascination with auto or semi automatic weapons.

By the time you load a pump, arm it etc etc you are dead. Noise, time etc.

Get (or should it be 'git') yerself a Greener (Mr Wayne went for them). Stick one up the barrel, 00 if you want to do some damage. Ready immediately. Glue or tack a couple of additional rounds along the stock. With practice you can get shots off faster than yo can with a semi. Less noise on the start.

More than 3 rounds and yer fecked.
Well, Mr Pharter, you have several issues....

1. I'm not American.

2. I have no greater fascination for semi-auto or pump-action guns than for any other. If anything, rather less actually. The one gun I currently own is an over and under shotgun.

3. A home defense weapon must be, by definition, ready for action. That means it must be loaded.

4. There are better defensive rounds available these days than 00 buckshot.

5. Especially in a stressful situation such as the invasion of your home by armed thugs, relying on your ability to load a single-shot gun such as a Greener is unwise at best. What if there are several junkies intent on mayhem in your home? Three shots may not be enough.

6. The best outcome is the one in which no shots are fired. With luck, whomever may invade your home will find that resistance is not what they bargained for, and instead will withdraw in favour of easier pickings. The blacker and meaner your shotgun, the greater is the likelihood of that positive outcome.
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