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Getting back to the original statement by SASless,

Just recently I had the opportunity to compare various state laws regarding the carrying of concealed firearms by law abiding citizens. What amazed me is the number of US States that now have a reciiprocity agreement whereby member states recognize other State's CCW Permits for visitors to other locales.
I just wish the states between New York and Wyoming recognized the reciprocities back in the 80's. I never felt comfortable to leave firearms at the old ranch which was a true necessity to have it on hand so ended up driving to Northern N.Dakota to tuck them away them safely with a friend.

For the European friends who may ask about the "true necessity for weapons",my back yard was often visited by non-existing only in the mind/eyes of the government, predators called the grizzlies. Not your average black bears,some were quite respectful of the grounds they took up residence but few can rip open a bull that weighted over 2,000 lb. with few paw actions.
I still have a picture somewhere after I brought down one grizzly with a real bad attitude,his one paw was bigger than a human head yet the wildlife officers often announced it as "anomaly". I suppose they never saw any reason as to why they will leave the lush Montana grounds and venture into our 100 years drought laden Wyoming soil.
After few weks into buying the property,I decided to give pet names to my lovely western diamondbacks...stopped short buying collars and leashes just ordered more ammo...

I also had visitations by many handsome Canadian timber wolves after antelopes and of course no one can say they've been out west without spying a mountain lion or two. Gorgeous animals that can blend into the background so well even the best cameras proved to be useless.
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