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Trouble is here in Europe even on our worst day out we simply do not need a gun. As a 52 year old I cannot think of an occasion when that is likely to ever change.

If you guys have a real need to take guns out in public then you really do have to ask some deep and meaninful questions...........maybe Hollywood is painting an accurate picture
You are missing the entire point of this discussion. It is not about need, it is about the right of the common man/woman to own/carry a weapon if they chose to do so.

We in the United States have that right, you do not.

If that is fine for you to be banned by your government from owning or carrying a weapon it is fine with me. Your country, your laws. I'm not about to demand that you change your laws and I would like to expect the same courtesy from you.

Nor are your sophomoric, willy waving remarks appreciated.
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