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in the misplaced belief that they have carte blanche to do as they wish
It's not a misplaced belief, it's a regulation written about as clear and as unambiguous as anything can be. It's likely written in the blood of pilots and passengers past. Can you offer up any regulation stating or even inferring that I DON'T have the right to do as I need if I invoke my emergency authority and the nature of the emergency requires drastic action?

I trust your rant was cathartic, but it doesn't change that I can do as I see fit if the situation dictates it, clearance, amended clearance or no clearance.

I'm gonna be scared to Sh1te likely from an emergency that dire, also scared that I might prang someone, but sometimes it has to be done. I acknowledge that there are other aircraft out there and I will still exercise due diligence to the degree I can with regard to other aircraft but I sure as hell am not going to let ATC paint me into a corner when I lose a motor on takeoff and need an immediate turn, or when I lose one while at a low CI cruise number at cruise altitude meaning I have to start down NOW because I don't have any excess speed to trade to hold altitude. There are plenty more examples.
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