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Originally Posted by ComJam View Post
I hope the reference to "young ones" was directed at me ...if it was, I wasn't suggesting that everything has to be confirmed by an ATCO...however, self positioning in very busy airspace onto a Runway that isn't in use for landing without giving ATC a chance to sort it out shows a huge lack of Airmanship in my opinion.

Ultimately it's the Captains responsability...yes, it's up to the Captain what he does with his a/c in an Emergency...yes, is it sensible that he should inform ATC of his intentions prior to actioning them...yes.

If he was soooo short of fuel that he couldn't afford to be vectored for 31R shouldn't he have diverted already?!
It was not aimed at you, no... I just have a habit of going along a completely different topic with little warning!

HEATHROW DIRECTOR I'm glad you don't consider me being "worth debating". I've just looked at your profile and say this to you: I'm still in the industry and I hope to hell that when I leave I'll be enjoying retirement enough that I don't find it compulsory to log onto bloody PPRuNe to try and keep my neck in! Take your outdated perspective and plotter off to happy retirement.
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