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AMF quote; To describe cold-blooded murder/massacres as someone "using their fundamental right to carry arms" is a very sad and very weak misrepresentation.

wings folded Quote: But real and frequent.
Frequently repeating the mis representation doesn't make it true.

Persist in your your views. You are entitled to them.
Of course I am. And what I've read that was written by those who persisted in enumerating and including those views into our Constitution/Bill of Rights is far more intelligent and based on sound philosophy than the knee-jerk, unenlightened blather opposing it in so many of these threads on this subject.

When access to lethal weapons is limited, deaths deriving therefrom. is perforce limited.
When a law-abiding homeowner, shopkeeper, or mother using an ATM causes the death of an intruder, thief, or mugger/rapist....I'm not sad, and unlike you, don't bemoan the "gun death". Statistics from police records show that in something like 70% of incidents where weapons are brandished in self-defence, a shot isn't even fired and the criminal decides the crime isn't worth it, and the victim doesn't become a victim. I rather doubt the same can be said for a flashlight despite what the Maglite Heroes say.

But in the US, you have chosen your path.

Other countries have chosen different paths.
Stating the obvious.

Live happily with your chosen path.
We do, thanks very much. Why are others so obsessed with it?

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