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This and the similar thread in R&N is very sad indeed and demonstrates a severe breakdown in professional relations between the crew and ATC. I can well imagine a controller issuing an initial instruction to stay on a heading whilst he sorts out the situation; the pilot has no idea what other traffic maybe very close at hand. Unless the aeroplane was on fire or in imminent danger of crashing - neither of which appears to fit this scenario - it is somewhat unorthodox for the pilot to say he is going to so something, or demand another runway at a busy place like JFK. For one thing, he has no idea of what might happening on that runway and could be placing his aircraft in considerable danger.

There are a number of pilots in these threads who I hope never to fly behind. ATCOs and pilots know who is ultimately responsible, just as I am ultimately responsible for the safety of my car and passengers but I don't go barging down the wrong side of a motorway because there's a jam on my side.

I never came across a situation like this in my career and I hope this matter is thoroughly investigated and the crew be required to account fully for their actions.

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