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9mm Beretta slapping your armpit
Aw, what a cute little gun. All Euro 'n stuff...

I'm partial to the .45ACP and keep my collection of handguns, saving the .44 Magnum, to that caliber.

If the weapon is "slapping your armpit" you aren't doing it right.

And to remain on point, it is the fundamental right to carry or not that is important. I don't fault anyone for not doing so and I don't encourage or discourage for doing so.

And you?
I knew Brick would say that, but the caliber is not the point. The rest is. When you have the choice, you decide, when you don't the government decides for you. The founding fathers clearly understood the difference and it remains so despite all the lefties desperately trying to change it.

I like my 9mm, but I love my S&W .44 Magnum