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I fear folks with meat cleavers, straight razors, and big ol' butcher knives, big trucks that weigh 80,000 pounds and run at high speeds. I look up and worry about fully fuelled 747's flying over my head....I see overhead power lines and fear them falling to the ground and frying my ass.
Yes, life is full of dangerous things, but you cant cook a steak with a handgun. It exists for one purpose only - and it is very good at that purpose. I fear someone with a handgun more than someone driving a truck or holding a knife, because I understand that a trucker drives a truck, or a chef holds a knife for a reason other than thinking that they may one day want to kill someone.

I also understand why people like to own handguns. They're sexy, they're empowering, they're dangerous - and the people owning them feel "dangerous".

Doesn't mean I think that is a good reason to allow the general public to own guns.

Note: I grew up next door to a reasonably famous crook in OZ, who had a house full of various weapons. As a teenager I fired most of them down at a firing range. I also underwent Air Force firearm training as I had to carry a pistol as payroll officer in the RAAF (and rated well). So I do not put this argument as an ignorant "fluffy" lefty.
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