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Let's use your logic shall we.

I fear folks with meat cleavers, straight razors, and big ol' butcher knives, big trucks that weigh 80,000 pounds and run at high speeds. I look up and worry about fully fuelled 747's flying over my head....I see overhead power lines and fear them falling to the ground and frying my ass.

I especially fear cars as they might smash into me as I stumble home drunk from the Pub.

I really...really fear voting machines knowing flaming Liberals are pulling the handles at election time.

Do we ban all those things or punish those who harm others by using them improperly.....they are all capable of causing great harm and death to others are they not?

Why would you argue to limit me in lawfully exercising my Freedom?

Remember....along with "freedom" comes "responsibility". They come hand in hand as you should know.
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