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Surely the point about carrying a gun, or not, is that the 'baddies' know that if they try to pull a robbery there is a good chance that they will get shot, so they don't. No shooting and no robbery, a good result!

I am an avid target rifle shooter and owner, I shoot at 6 foot square cardboard targets, where is the harm in that? Why shouldn't I be allowed to own and shoot my rifle Checkboard?

The hand gun ban in the UK was a knee jerk reaction by the government of the day to appease a particular group of voters after a school massacre. It wiped out a very safe and competitive sport, followed by thousands of law abiding gun owners and nearly wiped out the Olympic team too, who had to go abroad to practice. Result? A major increase in knife crime and the baddies kept their guns anyway, easily obtainable from Eastern Europe.
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