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So when you are down the shop, buying the milk, 9mm Beretta slapping your armpit, feeling 10 ft tall and ready for bear - how much time do you spend in a little daydream of the shop being held up, and you leaping out from behind the Oreo cookies to save the day?
I find this notion very interesting,just about all the Euro-zone friends displays similar attitude towards gun ownership.

I'm licensed for CCW and keep it in my glove compartment in my truck (yes,womenfolks are allowed to drive big trucks here),most of you may not realize but if I hit a deer, I am legally responsible to put them out of their misery humanely and they don't mean to take a baseball bat at it. Fines for leaving a site where an animal is injured and left to suffer is more than buying a pistol or a gun.

No,having a pistol handy does not make me feel like I'm 10 ft. tall,it just another tool like a simple kitchen knife which I can do more damage to anyone if need ever arises.
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