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CCW Laws......To those that don't know...Legally Packing Heat!

Just recently I had the opportunity to compare various state laws regarding the carrying of concealed firearms by law abiding citizens. What amazed me is the number of US States that now have a reciiprocity agreement whereby member states recognize other State's CCW Permits for visitors to other locales.

Alaska was the unique place....it does not have a CCW Permit system....there is no restriction of any kind re the carrying of firearms by its citizens.

I have elected to shift my residency to a different state as I pursue my retirement and have found it to be much more friendly a state in many regards including the CCW situation....but it does require one to be trained in the use of firearms and prove oneself to be a bonafide citizen of the state and free of a criminal background and both physically and mentally capable of using a firearm. (As it should!) but does not present bueacratical obstacles to the individual wishing to obtain the permission to carry a firearm for personal protection.

If one utilizes their fast track system.....one can be duly licensed within a week after the State performs all the necessary investigation to confirm your application data.

That is Freedom!

Got Freedom where you live?
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