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Well if you don't know anything about it, why did you apply in first instance???
The training is great, not fun at all from my point of view. You are kind of assessed at every single flight and you don't want to mess up too much.
Be aware that as of now all remedial training will be at your cost and that the days of a permanent airline job straight after the MCC are gone.
You will wait for god knows how long then be offered a type rating for which you'll be asked to pay 10K (current rate, it may increase or decrease in the future..) and then be bonded for 3 years with easyJet on a very very reduced salary.
Still better than no job but you will have paid at this stage around 100K.............................. My advice : Great training, too expensive.. And most of all, think twice before applying to any scheme, FTOs don't like wasting their time with undecided people, especially CTC.....
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