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In this neck of the woods you operate IFR or VFR. Or VFR with the IFR Pickup.

So it's not the fault of the Jet_A_Knight that ASA don't put E down to the Ground!

Funny you should mention Orange.... a few years ago, when I was a little 'greener', I busted through the bottom of Class E blasting out of bad low level weather on departure Orange in an empty turboprop (like you're suggesting now) - and yep - I had to explain myself to the CP before he got the ESIR.

You have yet to acknowledge that under the current rules, in Australia, climbing into Class E without a clearance, is a violation of controlled airspace.

Maybe you should reconsider your statement about climbing into Class E regardless of clearances - unless you mean it as a civil disobedience/protest kind of action.
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