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Before we get into an 'I'm more important than you' slanging match it would be worth noting that a lot of the BA short haul aircraft are delayed due to requiring engineering checks at out stations.

As BA has cut back it's overseas engineering the aircraft that have been sitting for 6-7 days need checks prior to being handed over to us sky gods.

It is also interesting to note that when the Captain signs the aircraft acceptance form he/she is accepting the aircraft and its engineering state. Thus signing that they accept the quality of the the work of the engineers. Irrespective of what engineering might say or the management pressures if I don't like/accept what I see/read then I won't take the aircraft. I've done it before and probably will do it again.

We all need the check in staff, ground handlers, ground staff, IT people, sales, etc. etc. etc. This job has never been a 'One man band'.

Back to the thread, we are all worth whatever the company will pay/accept to replace us. Much as people like to harp on about how much their house is worth, in reality it is only worth as much as someone else will pay for it.

Good luck.

Edit: Forgot to add, if you really want to see market forces at work then have a look at the BA vs BASSA thread in the Cabin Crew section. There is a bunch of workers who are trying to prove they are worth twice as much as the market rate and failing miserably.
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