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Jet ', I can see with pilots like you why AsA have not upgraded places like Ballina and Orange from G to clearly safer mandatory transponder E.
Dick - I suggest that you have no idea what kind of pilot I am. I can tell you that I am just a spoke in a wheel, and I'm not the sort of pilot who willingly breaks rules, or defies company policies or SOPs - so don't be sarcastic - it doesn't suit you.

You said:
if you are on an IFR flight plan and you havenít got a clearance, keep climbing when in VMC. Thatís the only safe and sensible thing to do.
Can you post a reference to the regs/jepps that permits an IFR aircraft to climb into Class E airspace without an ATC clearance?

And I'm not talking IFR pickup malarkey either - I told you the head kickers above me that make company policy prohibit that - not even as a way to wrangle a clearance out of ATC.
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