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Not assertions, just facts.
You've got a bit of a cheek; we've been asking for the CBA on E verses C from you for weeks and you refuse to supply the facts, you just make assertions.

Indeed, if the "TMA" airspace justified C, the tower airspace would also need to be C or B, and not D.
You're a fast reader (or else you have a line to Terry Hills), coz that's just wot Dick said on the NAS thread.

In any event, none of you have justified the continual assertion that VFR (with mandatory transponder) in E represents a greater threat than VFR in G, in the same volume of airspace.
Yes we have. For thousandth time, VFR in G is required to have a radio and announce.

I'll ask you again: what's with this non-USNAS/ICAO CNS/ATM bla bla bla nonsense about mandatory transponders in E? What facts justify that crazy rule?

And, of course, per. the Ministerial directive, for C there has to be terminal radar ---- which makes for some interesting potential civil liabilities in the current non-radar C.
Oh come on. A flawed reason ("that's the way it's done in the US") causes the Minister to issue an unnecessary edict (where's your risk analysis facts that say radar in C is required?) and now you're saying it could be used against AsA?

none of you blokes have proffered anything to actually justify (as opposed to assert) that C over D is justified.
We didn't, but God has. He almost had a 737 creamed by a Tobago. Read the warning signs, or are you too blinkered to see the wood for the trees?
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