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Unfortunately Aviationluver is correct.

If pilots stoped behaving like kids , beeing nice guys and inventing arguments against people like aviationluver , sure we would be much better.

But no...Pilots are extremely stupid.They are not only like sheeps because they are agressive among themselves. They are the first to criticise other pilots when there is an incidnt or an accident.When all over the world is looking to retire earlier, the pilots want to retire later,etc...

You know, after 9 years working for unions ,showing my face thinking that I had my back suported and then finding out myself alone, I decided to work for me. And what was the result??? I more than doubled my salary !!!! I am siting in one of the world top contracts.

Of course I had to move out of my country, sacrifice my personal life a bit, but at least I will retire with 55 or at least have the option of doing so if I decide to.

Maybe I accept a job with a 4000 euro salary just to pay my electrical and water bills and have a laugh everyday of the human stupidity.

Pilots think that as they fly , they are very smart. Most of them are completely unaware that they are flying their lives with all three horizons failed in a stormy night.

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