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to: aviationluver

Your message shows your arrogance. You base your self value on the world economy, which is a circus and need a reality check. True individual value should be measured by his human contribution to the world, not the financial one.

The majority of pilots who posted on the ash thread, had little mention or compassion for the stranded passengers.

The volcano caused an emergency in Iceland, not in Europe. The mollusk reaction in Europe caused an emergency. The bold move on some CEO's part ublocked this bureaucratic gridlock. Did it ever cross some pilot's mind that maybe WW did this so the authorities would not have to declare an additional emergency because of the stranded people?

Oh, I forgot: for you pillow hugging pussy pilots, the passengers are simple "SLF", right? Next time I board your plane, please buckle up and fly me home; no "pleasure to have you on board b*ulesh*t", ok? You deserve to be a doormat.

Whomever started referring to passengers as SLF, needs to be exhumed from the grave and slapped.

See, I used mostly YOUR words.
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