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Closure of 1 AEF Manston


Nice piccies of WG 430 - brings to mind the smell of Avgas, leather and sweat that I associate with Chipmunks (all happy memories!).

I am embarrassed to say that I don't remember what happened to mark the closure of the AEF at Manston. I vaguely recall all the pilots who were there trooping out for a group photo by an aircraft after lunch, but can't rememberl who was taking the pictures - I haven't got any copies. I also seem to recall a function in the Mess, which I couldn't attend. There must be someone else around who flew at Manston - it's not that long ago!

I visited the little Battle of Britain museum at Manston a few years later and the chap who was looking after it knew Pete Stonham well - could that be another possible line of inquiry?
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