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Full avionics list

In contrast to serial machines, our Tupolev received during the operation and subsequent repair / maintenance primarily modern avionics. Thus became one of the most advanced Tu-154 used in the world. Pilots' cabin is a mosaic of old Soviet equipment and that from Western countries. Communications equipment HF radios are Micron, Orlan-85ST VHF, satellite phone (since 2008), R-855UM radio station, the device's internal communications SPU-7B, the speaker system SGS-25, tape recording conversations of the crew Mars BM.
The modern navigation equipment includes:

* Doubled navigation system FMS UNS-1D (the production of Universal Avionics) with the computer navigation Navigation Computer Unit (NCU) and two control panels (FPCDU - Flat Panel Display Control Unit) and two sets of 12-channel GPS receivers with antennas CI 401;
* Radiocompass (ADF?) ARK-15M,
* Radio altimeter RW-5M
* Navigation and landing system Kurs-MP-70,
* Additional navigation receiver GPS Bendix / King KLN-89, previously was used receiver Garmin 155XL, on a plane / b had another 101-1000 GPS receiver with antenna type CI 401,
* Radio receiver for radio signals from the antenna to the Reference Sensor DME, VOR splitter,
* Aircraft Control System (AutoPilot?) ABS-154-2
* Track following system TKS-P2
* Aerodynamic parameters system WBE-SWS,
* Collision avoidance system TCAS-II
(detects up to 45 objects, illustrated 30 of them),
* Weather radar RDR-4B
* Multifunction display MFD-640
* Doppler meter of drift angle and speed of travel DISS-013,
* Portable disk drive (Omega DTU) at the navigator desk.

I am not sure about what some of the systems are, but will try to dig deeper again.
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